martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012

Describe an advertisement you have seen recently and explain why you think it is effective

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This advertisement shows another of the most impressive campaigns of the clothing brand Benetton. In 1991 Benetton sought to stir consciences in other present fields with the presentation of the image of a war cemetery in the middle of the Gulf war. The detail: among so many Christian cross, a Star of David emphasizes Jewish (it's situated at left., second row from the bottom up). It was heavily criticized and only agreed to be print at Italian newspapers.
I think that Benetton advertisements are effectives because they're heavily censored in many countries. They use to stir consciences and afloat draw controversial issues like AIDS, racial discrimination or death penalty. There are so many privileged groups in our society that impose taboos on the population.
With this advertisements the clothing brand Benetton tries to attention people and make them think, but there’s easier to get shocked and ignore that think.

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